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Teaching Experience

Bridgewater College


FILA 150 – Adulting – Adult Education and Leadership

                            (Fall, 2023 and 2024)

Taught in the style of a seminar; a small group of students learn thinking skills through discussion, debate, peer review and brainstorming. Content varies from section to section. Focuses specifically on two key areas of personal development: (1) intellectual growth is stimulated through systematic critical questioning, and (2) a sense of community involvement and responsibility is developed through classroom group work, collaborative learning and a class community engagement project. 


BUS 120 - Introduction to Business 

(Spring 2022, Fall 2022, Spring 2023 and Fall 2024)

Introduces a variety of business principles and practices as a foundation for students majoring in Business Administration and for non-business majors interested in acquiring basic understanding of the business world. Addresses aspects of leadership and personal assessment and development through a semester-long business plan project, helping students to assess their interest in and aptitude for various business disciplines.


      BUS 300 – Principles of Organizational 


          (Spring, 2023; Spring, 2024)

General overview of the principles of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling human and other resources for the achievement of an organization's goals. Examines the impact and role of communication, motivation, group dynamics, and organization culture, conflict and change as the context for current management practices. 


BUS 315 – Market Research

(Spring 2023; Spring 2024 and Spring 2025)

The course delves into the breadth of marketing research and its impact on making informed decisions. Students have the opportunity to evaluate and execute a variety of quantitative and qualitative research methodologies, ranging from surveys to focus groups.


      BUS 340 – Management Science

            (Fall, 2022, Spring, 2024)

Introduces essential quantitative techniques and their use in business decision-making, including decision analysis, forecasting, linear programming, project scheduling, inventory cost minimization, and queuing analysis. Emphasis on the practical application of these techniques to production and operations management and other business problems.


      BUS 414 – Consumer Behavior

                      (Fall, 2022)

A study of purchasing patterns and habits of consumers (individual and business) from both societal and psychological sides; increases student understanding of how businesses develop marketing plans to appeal to recognized consumer needs, wants and characteristics. Emphasis is placed on observations in the retail environment including cultural, societal and personal preferences. FILA general education: writing intensive.


       FILA 450 – Professional Portfolio

                    (Spring, 2024)

Students create a senior e-portfolio, which demonstrates and documents their experiences and growth over the four years, integrating both curricular and co-curricular experiences, as well as experiential learning experiences, and discussing short- and long-term goals and aspirations for the future.

  • LEAD 890 – Advanced Leadership Dynamics on an International Platform (Spring, 2020) (doctoral level)

  • AHRD 680 – Reading and Research (Spring, 2016; Spring 2019, and Spring 2021) (master’s level)

  • EDUC 642 – Curriculum Theories and Issues (Fall, 2015) (master’s level)

  • LTLE 480 – Learning in Adulthood (Summer, 2015) (undergraduate level)

  • LTLE 245 – Leadership in Organizational Settings (Fall, 2014) (undergraduate level)

James Madison University 

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